Friday, August 28, 2009

Clay IV.32

I have long thought that the truth of Christianity remains somehow latent, as yet unarticulated, between orthodoxy and Gnosticism. If I have thought such, however, it is because of what I see as the approach to truth in 1) the Gnostic account of creation as an accident, and 2) the Gnostic recognition that, at our core, we hold an uncreated spark, that we are ourselves at some essential level already part of the divine. †

As for creation as an accident, I don't quite conceive of it as such. I conceive of it rather as deliberate--both the first creation and the second--but that the first creation was also the Fall. †

The crux: Was the first creation also the Fall because of the chaos met by the act of creation--i.e., is creation necessarily a matter of an indeterminate process? Or was the first creation the Fall because of God's willful withdrawal of his power, allowing his creatures to err--i.e., is creation somehow willfully a matter of an indeterminate process? †

I usually incline toward the former possibility.

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