Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Clay IV.33

I choose the term Duration to suggest several things. For one, it is meant to celebrate the Christianity that endures in me even though I do not believe certain doctrines of the Church. A particular teaching or dogma may not be part of my faith--nonetheless I am still a Christian. I am still a Christian because I believe the essential: Jesus is the Messiah, the Christ. †

For the Durationist, the term Christian is one that defines a certain belief about the man Jesus: namely that he was the Christ. For the Durationist, the only essential elements of Christianity are 1) a stress on the importance of the Messiah and 2) the identification of the Messiah with Jesus. The rest, including the understanding of God, the Trinity, the virgin birth, the resurrection--these things are not part of the essential definition of Christianity, but are only interpretations. †

My own belief has its particular stresses, its particular interpretations. I call myself a Durationist Christian.

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