Saturday, August 15, 2009

Clay IV.38

Dear Paul: Many thanks for your two letters. I find your remarks about Jesus' divinity as challenge to be entirely congenial. For me this has always been the point: the challenge of interpreting what Christianity is. Somewhere in the tension between the system of orthodoxy and the speculations and enthusiasms of Gnosticism is a vision more commensurate to the truth than either. Still off from the truth, certainly, but closer to the Christian meaning. †

Off from the truth, I repeat, because we cannot finally seize the truth in language--though I believe we can get closer than we have. Literature, with its more nuanced relation to both the powers and lack of power in language, is doubtless our best means to such truth. †

I'd be very interested to hear your ideas on the texts in The Clay Testament. My basic theological understanding hasn't changed much since the bulk of them were written. I'm always grateful for the interest of someone with kindred concerns. †

It sounds however that you've a lot of projects you're working on, and besides you describe yourself as overwrought. So I'd hope--since you mentioned you'd be reading some of my writing--that you feel no obligation to take it up as yet another project. †

Me too I'd like the chance to meet you in person some time. I value our correspondence. Best, Eric

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