Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bet you didn't know this. . .

Cucumbers are the best vegetable source of the mineral niacin, which helps maintain brain power as we age.

Eating fresh cucumber helps keep the body cool in hot weather because it provides vitamin D2.

Women who lie back with a slice of cucumber on each eye are not being foolish. Studies have shown that this simple cucumber treatment does more to fight wrinkles than most top-line eye creams.

Peeled raw cucumber with a bit of baking soda cleans chrome surfaces better than most polishes.

A pea-shaped chunk of raw cucumber held in the navel with a bandaid has been found to prevent pregnancy in blond women.

Adding a couple of slices of cucumber to your gas tank at the start of each month can decrease wear on pistons and improve gas mileage by as much as 3 percent.

The ancient Olmec civilization of Mexico used pressed, sundried strips of cucumber as paper, keeping temple records on the thin sheets. Pressed and dried, cucumber is surprisingly tough and takes ink almost as well as normal paper. A fun project for elementary school classrooms!

Cucumber juice rubbed on the face and body before sunrise can make one invisible to video surveillance cameras until early afternoon.

U.S. President Ronald Reagan did all his presidential debates with a cucumber in his pocket for good luck. He wouldn't go on stage without it.

Unpeeled cucumbers can freshen the air in closets and cabinets. Replace every couple months.

Have a job interview? Going with a cucumber up your ass can make you appear more alert and on top of things and increase your chance of getting hired by up to 40 percent.

*Information not provided by American Association of Cucumber Growers.

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