Sunday, June 3, 2012

Clay III.140

They attack me because I quote Cosmo di Madison's religious and social views as if I believed them to be admirable. They attack me as if I believed his laughing and maniac violence to be something admirable, something worthy of our attention and respect. And, well, I make no bones about it: I admit from the start that not only is Cosmo di Madison my best friend, he is at times almost my hero. They really can't believe I am "serious" in this: a reaction I am used to by now, particularly from earnest liberals and PC hipsters, for there is hardly anyone among them in tune with my own notion of seriousness. They insist dully that Cosmo di Madison is "crazy," leaning on the usual polemical value in that measly assertion, and confident, of course, that we are all quite sure about the nature of crazies and craziness, as sure, say, as we are of our own sane nature.

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