Tuesday, May 22, 2018

White Democrats, Race, and the Plantation

Democratic NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman
with Tanya Selvaratnam

White Democrats and their sick obsession with race. When is it going to end? They can’t decide if they want to save people of color or dominate and abuse them. And either way it’s the same power-trip behind it. Our white liberals assume they are gods of some kind: saviors and/or masters. Both at the same time. It’s sick.

Me I don’t much care about the black community. And why should I? When black people succeed, I’m cheering for them. And many many black Americans have accomplished great things. It’s just not the ones who spend two-thirds of their time talking about racism racism racism.

Yes, there are particular challenges people of color face. But those who manage to recognize that, challenges or not, they still have a much better shot at a good life in the US than many other places--these are the ones who will overcome the dumb bigotry that still rears its head now and then. And they get on with life. And when they find happiness, and struggle, and build families, and succeed in work, and thumb their noses at the haters--well, I’m their fan. More power to them.

A few days ago a friend of mine wrote the following sentence in a thread: “Republicans are people who want to keep the boot on black America’s neck.” I think that’s errant nonsense. What I see is that far too many black Americans are keeping the boot on their own necks. They get up in the morning and first thing they do is put on that boot. Like it’s a necessary item of apparel. And the Democratic Party keeps telling them it is.

I’m just glad more and more black Americans are starting to realize what a sham it is. People who have better things to do than play supporting role in a sick drama. People who take that boot off and don’t look back.

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