Sunday, July 1, 2018

A Second Civil War? Mother and Son on the Coming Troubles

Trouble brewing?

What’s next for our deeply divided republic? Especially now that half of America, from what I can see, no longer even understands what a republic is.

My mother and I had a short email exchange on the powder keg we seem to be sitting on. She’s in her seventies, I’m just over fifty. We’re mostly on the same page. But that wasn’t always the case. I used to be on the left myself. I’ve learned things since then.


Dear Eric:

I have to say that I honestly don’t understand what is happening politically in our country. It has now become way too bizarre even to begin to understand. It is absolute lunacy to see what the different left factions are doing. I think they are becoming mentally deranged over the election of Donald Trump. And I think our president is doing a remarkable job. The entire left needs psychological counseling. It has gotten to the point where I could even envision serious violence. When that loon Maxine Waters loudly prods people to get in the face of Trump supporters and cause scenes, and when Fonda says Trump’s son should be kidnapped and put in a room with pedophiles… Whew, something is totally wrong here. The latest, that we should get rid of ICE and have totally open borders, could only be promoted by people who have no concern for our country. I am so disgusted with all of this that I can barely type my feelings to you.

It is a blessing that Kennedy is retiring from the Supreme Court, but there is going to be a huge battle over anyone Trump picks. I also imagine what could happen if that other old woman on the court retires. She’s a real relic and her leaving would be catastrophic for the Dems. This change in the Court’s conservative strength almost makes me feel that God has guided this retirement of Kennedy. I even think that the election of Trump could have been not only the people’s choice, but God’s choice.

In any case: God help this country! We desperately need it.



Dear Mom:

Me too, it struck me the other day that this coming change in the Supreme Court has almost a Divine Intervention quality to it. The timing is just right. But I agree with you: our left will soon be in hissy fit mode. Not that they ever leave hissy fit mode, but still. There's going to be special trouble around the nomination, and if a new conservative justice is appointed, and then, within a year, Madame Ginsburg either retires or falls asleep and doesn't wake up--if this happens, and the left sees that Trump gets YET ANOTHER justice to appoint, well then there might be more than just the usual screaming and whining. There might be serious violence. Because most of these people on the left, they'd be willing to break our constitutional system to get what they want. They now say it openly: "The Constitution is an OUTDATED document! It was written by white male slaveholders!” I hear that all the time. That's how dumb they have gotten. They intend to revoke our Constitution because they think they can replace it with something better. But to listen to them, their political naiveté, it’s clear they wouldn't be able to run a small town. They’d have set up a gulag in the high school gym before the year was out.

In any case, and thank God, at present the left doesn't have anywhere near the power needed to break America’s constitutional order. There will very possibly be violence, yes, and it could lead to counter-violence from the right, but if the violence from the left gets out of hand, I believe our government has force enough to put it down.

That “the left” wishes for revolution isn’t surprising, but what is surprising is that many people who are otherwise left-liberals (rather than actual Marxists) seem also now to wish for revolution. And some of them seem to believe that a left movement that isn't afraid to use force might actually succeed. Which is patent nonsense. If America got anywhere near civil war, the right would crush them. Who is armed? Who knows how to use their arms? The left could possibly take over some cities, but cities can't provide their own food. The right would control the countryside, and eventually the city enclaves that had been seized by the left would fall.

I don't think it's likely it would come to this, but I do think it's possible if things proceed as they're going. A recent poll finds that 31% of Americans believe a civil war is likely in the coming years. Clearly, we are now two countries. One America, which I support, wants America to stick with what has worked for the whole of our history. The other America, which has gone off the rails, is populated by utopian extremists and wannabe Stalins.

David Horowitz put it just right: "Inside many liberals is a totalitarian screaming to get out." He was long on the left himself, and knows whereof he speaks.

Here's the key question as regards what might be coming: On the one hand, we have a small cadre of avowed extremists ready and willing to use violence (Antifa and friends); on the other, we have a huge population of liberals who are still livid Hillary didn't win. These latter people were hoping that Trump could be impeached, but their bogus Russia thing didn't work out, and now that Trump's policies are actually succeeding, it's only pushing them closer to full-blown psychosis. So: If the Antifa extremists and their ilk can 1) foment widespread violence and 2) rally this huge swathe of angry Hillary liberals to support that violence, then we would have a serious civil crisis. I don't know if it would go that way, but it could.

Matt Walsh, a Christian commentator I follow, also made a good point. If the Supreme Court got close to overturning Roe vs. Wade, the left would opt for violence. Walsh: "They are not going to give up their right to kill babies without a fight." I think he might be right.

I'm hoping Trump nominates one of the more reliable conservatives, a constitutional originalist. I’m hoping he doesn’t try to appease the opposition. My personal favorite is Amy Coney Barrett. In any case, whoever he picks, if the left decides to revolt in any serious way, I suspect they will get what they deserve. And sad to say, but they're deserving it more each day.



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