Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Catholics Agree: Down with the Lavender Mafia!

Resign Now, Cardinal Wuerl.

Though I haven’t read the thousand-plus pages of the grand jury report out of Pennsylvania on clerical sexual abuse of children, I’ve read enough excerpts to be horrified. The American Catholic Church, at least hierarchically, is in tatters.

The report demonstrates that bishops and cardinals cannot be trusted to be men of God; that in fact they have behaved like Mafia dons conspiring to cover up an entrenched homosexual abuse cult inside our Church.

No, this is not merely a matter of “human moral failings” among Church leaders. It is a matter rather of our Church over the decades being infiltrated by sexual deviants who used the cover of a Church career to live an alternate life of sexual relations with other men and abuse of youth.

Why do I insist that this is a “homosexual” cult? Because studies have shown that 81% of clerical abuse victims are boys. Sorry, but that fact is decisive. The abusers are male, and--surprise!--they almost exclusively groom and rape boys. End of story. Anybody who continues to claim that this crisis is not about homosexual men abusing children and teens under cover of our Church needs to shut up.

And NO, I am not saying that all gay men are pedophiles. What I AM saying is that in the context of our Church, a culture of undercover homoeroticism has linked up with pedophilia in a systematic way. This is the elephant in the room, and neither liberal LGBT apologists nor Catholic conservatives can continue to pretend this Enormous Lavender Elephant isn’t what it is.

We sane Catholics are sick of trite ideology and special pleading. These men are not just sinners--as all men are--they are infiltrators. They continue to play the faithful for fools because, in fact, they don't believe in God nearly as much as they believe in the disordered lust that courses through their veins.

Those who rose in the ranks under the disgraced Cardinal McCarrick must resign pronto. Yes, we say MUST. In fact this would be a good tactic at the coming November US Conference of Catholic Bishops in Baltimore. If the relevant bishops have not resigned before then, faithful Catholics should gather outside DEMANDING the resignation of Wuerl, Tobin, Farrell, O'Malley, and Cupich. At the very least.

And where is the Holy Father in this? I have to say I am increasingly disappointed in Francis. Our Pope repeatedly pushes "development" in doctrine while surrounding himself with Lavender Mafia dons. What kind of development is that?

If Francis doesn’t come out swinging in response to the horrific report out of Pennsylvania, I will have lost faith in him as the leader of my Church.

The progress of sin in the lives of many of these corrupt priests almost certainly progressed through a predictable series of stages: 1) Homosexual relations between men who had vowed chastity, followed by 2) a cult of silence and hiding re: those relations, followed by 3) the abuse of youth that is then, according to the already established cult of silence, 4) covered up and ignored as a matter of policy. The worst of all is perhaps that those who held to this vow of silence were allowed to rise swiftly in the hierarchy.

This is the Lavender Mafia’s policy. And it has been followed to a tee. What Francis has called the "Gay Lobby" in the Church is poison. How many young lives have they ruined through this systemic abuse? Consider further that they have shattered the Church's reputation in the US and other parts of the West. If that is not poison, what is?

Given this context, we must be deeply suspicious of any clergyman speaking of the need for further "dialogue" and "understanding" vis à vis the LGBT movement. I'm looking at you, Fr. James Martin. This new push for dialogue looks suspiciously like an attempt to legitimate behaviors that, sadly for the Church, have long been grossly over-represented in our priesthood. In any case, both tradition and the Magisterium are clear on the meaning of human sexuality.

Our Church welcomes all who repent of their sin and seek to live according to Catholic teaching. Repenting of sin, however, does not mean seeking ways to explain it or normalize it. Predisposition to this or that sin does not change its character as sin. Figures like Fr. Martin do not seem to get this basic truth.

The Lavender Mafia must be routed. We are not dealing with "failings" on the part of "men of God"; we are dealing with a cabal of perverts and abusers who have made our Church into their sick love nest. It is Satan in our Church, and the evil reaches up to the College of Cardinals.

We must start today. When they talk nicely and diplomatically about their new plans for reform, shout them down. Demand RESIGNATIONS. Wuerl, Tobin, Cupich, Farrell, O'Malley out!

Generations of children and youth have suffered grievously at the hands of these fakes. Our Church has suffered grievously. These men are not the Church, but a cancer feeding off it. They must be identified and removed.

Update 10/21/18:

We have created a closed Facebook group for lay Catholics to discuss strategy going forward: Catholics United Against the Lavender Mafia

Read and consider adding your signature to our first group action, a petition on the rigged Synod 2018 on Youth: Why this Barely Catholic Synod?


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Only a violent purge of the gay filth with save the Church... End Of Story