Monday, September 3, 2018

It's Called the "Lavender Mafia", and It's Time We Catholics Drove it from Our Church

Why did Pope Francis make this known abuser his right-hand man on American affairs?

Our Church has a serious problem, and it is not a problem with priestly celibacy, nor is it a problem with established Catholic teaching on human sexuality. The problem is with a specific cabal that has entrenched itself in the Church over the course of decades.

The cabal I’m talking about has come to be called the “Lavender Mafia”. This name is apt. It refers to a group of clerics made up of closeted and not-so-closeted homosexual men who have used our Church as a kind of private club. Over the years, members of this secretive club have managed to work their way up to the highest offices.

They must be purged.

Yes, this will be no easy task. The reality we face is an ugly one, it is heartbreaking, but we must face it both to save our Church and to prevent further victimization of the innocent.

Whereas in society at large the majority of victims of child sex abuse are girls, statistical study has shown that in our Church 81% of the victims are boys. Consider this carefully. 100% of the abusers are male, and 81% of their victims are underage males. Now ask yourself: What kind of men systematically abuse boys and male teens?

Our liberal media does not want you to answer this question, for obvious reasons. They have their agenda, and the flourishing of the Catholic Church is not on it.

Liberals have tried to argue that since pedophilia is not linked to "sexual orientation", thus homosexuality plays “no role” in the clerical abuse in our Church. Their arguments are patent nonsense. For one, though the research literature does show that pedophilia is not easily related to the "sexual orientation" of the abuser, that research says nothing about the abuse of teens. And it is the abuse of pre-teens and teens, and not strictly the abuse of small children, that is the main problem we face in our Church.

This is confirmed by the exhaustive John Jay Report (2004) on clerical sex abuse, which documents a fact that liberals inside and outside the Church have done their best to ignore: the majority of victims listed in that report were not young children (as would be the case with pedophilia) but rather boys in the early or middle years of sexual development--prepubescents and teens. In fact, as the report reveals, only 19% of all victims were female (!) and only 22% were under the age of ten.

So much for the argument that our Church's problem is a "pedophilia" problem.

The conclusion from the John Jay Report is inescapable. Most abuse that occurred through the latter decades of the century was not pedophilia, but what is called ephebophilia--"man-boy love". Unlike pedophilia, moreover, ephebophilia is easily linked to sexual orientation: it is a matter in this case of homosexual men preying on underage boys. [NB: Here I use the more commonly recognized term ephebophilia, though hebephilia is perhaps more accurate given the data. Anyone interested in the distinctions may look them up.]

The depressing truth is that we have in our Church a cabal of sexually active gay priests (many sexually active with each other in defiance of their vows) who have included teens and children in their sexual conquests and who protect each other with a vow of silence and cover-up.

This is un-Catholic. It is pure evil. It is an abuse of our Church and the faithful who make up the Body of Christ.

And no, I am not saying here that all priests who live with same-sex attraction are guilty of this terrible abuse. Many are faithful to their vows of chastity. These latter, like all Catholics who struggle to live in harmony with the teachings of the Church, should be supported. Nor am I saying that all clerics involved in the coverups over the decades have been gay men. Obviously, many of those involved were straight men who simply believed it was better for the Church's image to keep the problem from becoming public.

We know how that turned out.

Some Catholics fear that the publication of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s detailed letter outlining the sway of the Lavender Mafia under Pope Francis will lead to a bitter battle in the Church and may cause grave divisions. Sadly, this battle indeed seems inevitable. But though we deeply regret the coming conflict, many of us acknowledge that the need to protect our Mother Church makes it necessary. We cannot have a cabal of gay clerics on the one hand doing all they can to legitimize their disordered sexuality while on the other continuing a culture of secret sexual relations and abuse. Their lifestyle is hypocritical and intolerable, putting them in permanent rebellion against their vow of chastity. They are dyed-in-the-wool subverters of both the priesthood and Catholic truth.

This particular cabal of clerics, many American, over which Cardinal Theodore McCarrick sat as presiding demon, must be routed. Saddest of all, for many of us, is the recent confirmation from Archbishop Viganò of something many already suspected: our current pope has not only turned a blind eye, but has promoted precisely these men.

During this struggle we must remember: The Lavender Mafia is not the true Church, but a foreign body that has set up shop within the Church, to her great harm.

And really: How much damage needs to be done before Catholics call foul? How many future children and teens need to be “groomed”, how many need to be driven from the faith by the crimes of our own priests?

We have been played for fools too long. These men, simultaneously living off and destroying our Church, must not be allowed to weather a mere temporary storm and return to business as usual. We must begin, bravely and loudly, to insist that the whole of this group be given no quarter.

There are many many good men and women in the Church, most priests are dedicated to God and their calling, and even in the hierarchy there are many, such as Archbishop Viganò himself, who continue to struggle against this entrenched menace. We must stand with them. It is they, and us, who are the Church.

Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison, Wisconsin has been among the few American bishops brave enough to call a spade a spade. He describes the need to acknowledge there is a “gay subculture” in the Church that has caused “devastation”. Bishop Morlino deserves our strong support.

On November 12, 2018 in Baltimore, as I’ve indicated, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops will hold its General Assembly. I am confident that Catholics would like to see a group of American lay people show up to demand 1) a thorough investigation of the evidence offered in Archbishop Viganò's letter, plus 2) immediate resignation of bishops part of McCarrick's circle (Wuerl, Cupich, Tobin).

These are first steps.

If you are a Catholic on Facebook, we welcome you to the new group “Catholics United Against the Lavender Mafia”. This group will allow us to gather information about the developing situation as well as encourage other lay Catholics to link up and brainstorm ideas for addressing this serious threat to our faith.

If you agree that it is time for us saner Catholics to speak out, ask yourself what you can do over the coming weeks and months to serve our Church. Hopefully some of you will get some ideas through the Facebook page; hopefully there will be a strong new movement that proclaims: “We have had enough. Out with the fakes!”

September 1, 2018


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Dale Matson said...

This is well stated and an accurate assessment of what should be done. It is my hope that if there is a new pope, he will call for another ecumenical council and ancient wounds can be healed. This has been a sorting process between those who honor Tradition and Scripture and those who wish to innovate. May the former come together to hold to the faith once handed down.