Sunday, August 30, 2020

Dems and Disorder: Fellow Wisconsinites

After months of cheering on rioters, after a Convention where not a single Democrat condemned the looting and burning of our cities, Joe Biden and his party are now going to claim they never supported the radicals.

Don’t believe them. They see their poll numbers hurting in states they need to win. The truth is: this 24/7 race-baiting and rage are now the core of the Democratic Party. And it will remain that way.

The Democrats have gone from a party of average working Americans to a party of campus radicals and coastal elites: a party of Silicon Valley on the one hand, and urban rioters on the other.

Think what our communities will become if this party now gains power. Where the police are ordered NOT to maintain order. Where our safety and property are secondary values.

We’ve seen enough to know where this party is headed.

I was a Democratic voter most of my life. I bailed out years ago because I saw what the new Dem power block was all about. If you are in their camp still, consider what is at stake. A party that does not believe in law and order does not deserve the votes of working Americans.

Check out my Idiocy, Ltd. and begin the long, hard reckoning.

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