Saturday, December 8, 2018

大腸王: Taipei Statements 12/07/18

1. Yes, as a Westerner who’s lived here decades, I do love Taipei, and Taiwan in general. But of course there are some things that irk. That’s how it is with any place. And I have some suggestions too. Today I’ve been jotting them down.

2. That smoking is not allowed on the Taipei MRT is reasonable. I get it. But I think there should be one day every year when smoking is allowed. In fact, on that day, smoking should be required on the MRT, just to balance things out.

3. The rule would be universally applicable. Which means: On that day children--yes, even babies--would be required to smoke on the MRT. 

4. Those smoking Cuban cigars would ride free. 

5. You see how interesting things would be if I were in charge? 

6. Louis Vuitton bags are ugly and crass. There are too many in Taipei. I know it’s worse in other Asian cities, but still. I myself do not speak to women carrying LV bags. I will not give such women the time of day. The larger the LV bag, the more this rule applies. 

7. Hermès, Michael Kors, Fendi--all these bags are acceptable. But dump the LV bags. What were you even thinking?

8. Since your garbage trucks here already have music, why not have some garbage trucks with live music? There could be a little stage on top of the truck. The band would crank out tunes as the garbage collectors made their way from neighborhood to neighborhood.

9. A new local musical genre might arise. 

10. Taipei traffic isn’t great, but it’s not horrendous. The worst drivers in Taipei are men. No surprise there. But in Taipei, I’ve discovered, the very worst drivers are situated at opposite ends of the class spectrum. So: In Taipei you have the men who drive black Mercedes, and the men who drive those little blue pick-up trucks. 

11. These assholes in their black Mercedes clearly think they’re too important to follow traffic rules. As for the blue pick-up drivers, they seemingly don’t know the city even has fucking traffic rules.

12. My suggestion: These two classes of drivers, to be identified by vehicle, should be compelled by law to gather once a year in some central public square, dressed only in their underwear, for a ritual public beating. 

13. The beatings must be televised. 

14. Sogo elevators are hellishly slow. When they have the elevator girls working them, they’re even slower. Nobody fucking needs elevator girls, okay?

15. A few days ago, I suddenly realized that the old guy who pulls himself along on a cart on Roosevelt Rd. selling washcloths has not changed one tiny bit in twenty years. Which is impossible. I am starting to suspect he is an alien sent here to spy on us. 

16. Oddly, this morning I saw him on his cart on Guangfu S. Rd. Is there maybe more than one? 

17. Today on the MRT I saw a sad, frightened-looking woman about 22 who was cradling a baby in a blue blanket, occasionally rocking the baby back and forth. The woman was well dressed, and seemed normal, except for the sad look.

18. When I got closer, I realized it wasn’t actually a baby she held, but a perfectly realistic life-sized artificial baby. It was plastic of some kind. We made eye contact for a few seconds, and I was tempted to ask her what was up, but because of her serious look I decided not to. 

19. Now I can’t stop thinking about her. The odd aura of dejection that emanated from her as she rocked that baby--it’s stuck in my mind. Was it some kind of therapy she was doing?  

20. To contemplate the girl cradling the fake baby is far sadder than to contemplate the disabled man on his cart selling washcloths. 

21. I’ve written elsewhere on the utter evil of house cats, an unfortunately popular thing in Taiwan, so I will add nothing on that subject here. Of course, in general, cats should be outlawed.

22. As I traveled north, the weather became colder. The rivers were covered with ice, and I could get no fish. The monster was happy when I suffered. In one message he wrote: “This is just the beginning! You will suffer much more than this!” 

23. Oh, for the frozen north! 

Eric Mader 枚德林


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Wednesday, November 28, 2018


我不確定一位詩人如何命名他的女兒吳音寧,不知何故沒注意到這個名字是 “無音寧” 的同音異義詞。父親希望女兒和平,而不是噪音。





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Monday, October 29, 2018


我沒料到會在這個地方碰上這種事。有個矮胖矮胖的婦 女在公車站向我走來;她穿著破舊的 T 恤衫和運動褲,問我 想不想要她的女兒。她說起中文時有很強烈的抑揚頓挫,我 一開始還懷疑自己是不是聽錯了。婦女放下裝滿家庭清潔用 品的塑膠袋,伸出手要跟我握手。


「至少瞧個一眼嘛。」女人說,並示意我看看約莫五步 之外的女孩。









我見公車即將進站,便說:「不好意思,我趕著去上 班。」


她伸手撫過我拎在手上的 Subway 潛艇堡牛皮紙袋,彷 彿在說:「把裡頭的火雞肉潛艇堡交出來,這女孩就歸你。」

公車車門打開之際,這母親便攬住她弱智女兒的肩膀, 打算奮力把她推上公車跟我一起走。無奈女孩比她強壯得多,所以這招並未奏效。



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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Elizabeth Warren: Who the Hell do you think you are?

Can’t you just smell the Dem sense of #Entitlement?

Prominent Dem senator Elizabeth Warren benefited for years from special treatment because she claimed to be Native American. Now that it’s clear she’s no more Native American than most American whites, what does she do? She keeps defending herself, arguing about it, tweeting up a storm.

It would never enter Warren’s head just to apologize, to say: “I actually didn’t deserve those benefits, and I’m very sorry about what happened. Here’s what I intend to do to make it up.”

No, Warren doesn’t think that way. Warren has the typical Dem entitlement bug. Because she’s “on the left”, because she’s “a woman”, because “the patriarchy blah blah blah"--the concrete facts of Warren's behavior don’t matter. She’s been living a long-drawn-out falsehood, taking special assistance at key moments in her career, getting special kudos for years, but so what? It’s small stuff. All that matters for Warren is defeating her political enemies--who are, apparently, so so very bad that lying and grandstanding and making false identity claims are irrelevant.

We saw the same Dem entitlement at work in the clown show inflicted on Brett Kavanaugh and his family. For the Democratic Party, which clearly manipulated the timing of the release of Christine Ford’s accusations, it didn’t matter a whit that none of those accusations could be proven, that not a single one of the witnesses supported Ford’s claims. All that mattered was the entitlement--here an entitlement to claim and demand whatever they wanted without regard for process or establishing any kind of truth.

Now I don’t know what actually happened decades ago when Ford was in high school. Nobody but Ford knows. I strongly suspect nothing happened, and that Ford knows very well Brett Kavanaugh never did what she said. I suspect Ford was simply embellishing (if not outright inventing) a story and linking it to Kavanaugh. I suspect Ford was lying, and that she was doing so because, as a woman “on the left”, Kavanaugh simply had to be defeated. She convinced herself she was going to play a heroic role, that she could just ramp up her acting a bit and manage to win one for the Team. Not to mention the fame and the book deal and maybe even a movie starring Meryl Streep as the adult Ford.

But what I believe about Christine Ford doesn’t matter. What’s important is that Ford’s case was indemonstrable according to any sane legal norms, and that this fact didn’t in the least matter to the Dems, who just kept repeating their #BelieveWomen mantra. Because when a conservative has to be taken down, it’s neither here nor there if you tell anything resembling truth. It’s irrelevant whether you can give any evidence for what you’re claiming. You just say it aloud, and America just has to go along--because you’re somehow part of the “victim” class and thus following due procedure just isn't necessary.

And for those who demand actual evidence? They will be shouted down by the Dem mobs outside as "rape apologists" or "fascists".

I could go on with more cases of fronts on which it is considered almost criminal even to question claims being made. How about the insane insistence that all Americans virtually bow down to people who redefine their gender in any of 57 ways, that Americans use the language these “victims” demand, and that we change laws to suit them, throwing out any sense of basic biology along the way? And we’re supposed to do all this because these gender-confused people are supposedly “victims” of the rest of us.

I could go on and on. But the point is the stench of #AbsoluteDemEntitlement in Elizabeth Warren’s case. Rachel Dolezal is more black than Warren is Native American. Even the Cherokee Nation is fed up with Warren’s antics.

And yet she won’t think to apologize. No. Because she’s “on the left”, she’s “fighting for justice”, the other side just “must be defeated”.

Sorry, Senator, but that’s not how justice works. Lies and outlandish claims are never the basis of justice. And if America lets this defective new left-wing Dem definition of justice take root, then we will see real victimization. Because our legal system will be kaputt.

Eric Mader

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

蝙蝠 : 《白痴有限公司》


沒錯,蝙蝠是種中了邪,老隨著閃光燈舞動的橡膠玩具; 蝙蝠是赫卡忒* 收藏的手偶。


牠們的耳朵在生理上就是聽不到諸如布蘭妮、卡卡、肯伊等 名字。「你說哪位?」


iPhone 10 能破解這些簡訊裡的軟語嘶情嗎?那 iPhone 15 呢?


不,無論是令堂、您患有焦慮症的姑媽,還是閣下年幼的妹妹凱莉在午餐便當裡發現了囊鼠的首級— 要比尖叫,誰也沒有最弱小的蝙蝠叫得尖厲。

Was denkst du, Fledermausmann? Müssen wir noch Heidegger lesen? **

(回想少年時,我做過這種夢;倘若我現在夠果敢,就能實現這些夢:有座單間的博物館,館內只陳列蝙蝠形形色色的上下顎骨和牙齒— 每副蝙蝠的上下顎骨和牙齒都經人清洗過並且安置在牆上,下方還附了對應的蝙蝠照和專屬的十四行詩。)

蝙蝠是躁狂發作的鼴鼠,鼴鼠是抑鬱消沉的蝙蝠。蝙蝠睡覺時倒吊。蝙蝠邊睡覺邊倒吊。蝙蝠倒吊著睡 覺。





*為希臘神話中總與巫術、鬼魂、魔法聯繫在一起,象徵幽冥 的月陰女神 Hecate。 

**此句德文意為:「如何,蝙蝠俠?這下我們還要讀海德格嗎?」 馬丁.海德格(Martin Heidegger, 1889–1976)為德國哲學家。 


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Thursday, September 27, 2018

My Little Spat with Caitlin Johnstone on "Rape Culture"

Yes, in fact Caitlin Johnstone is a leftist journalist I admire greatly. Her well-documented and witheringly logical reporting on the Dem/MSM Russiagate scam has been brilliant and essential. As is a lot of her writing on US foreign policy. Johnstone is a leftist who does not jump on just any left bandwagon to trash the Trump Administration, and because of this she's hated and mistrusted by much of our bandwagon left. She's even been called "alt-right", which is pretty hilarious given that she's a socialist, but par for the course in this climate.

But recently, and just now with the Kavanaugh Confirmation Clown Show going on, she put up a piece that referenced "rape culture"--the sophomoric and easily debunked feminist concept that claims women in America and other developed Western countries are living in cultures that tolerate rape.

Given that there are and have been actual rape cultures in history, that rape is a serious crime, and that, further, there are many men now in American jails who are there just because of bogus stories concocted by ethically challenged women--given all this, and the unprecedented Kavanaugh circus, I called her out. Below is her original post graphic and parts of the ensuing spat. I don't disagree with some of the points made in Johnstone's's original post, but do very strongly disagree with her irresponsible use of "rape culture".

On this topic, it is Michelle Malkin who talks sense, not Caitlin Johnstone.



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Monday, September 24, 2018

There's No Going Back from this #MeToo Clown Show

Diane Feinstein, who knows how to hold onto a letter.

So surprise. With Christine Blasey Ford’s accusation falling apart, another liberal woman has stepped forward to accuse Brett Kavanaugh of misdeeds in the distant past. Her name is Deborah Ramirez. Unfortunately, even the ultra-liberal New Yorker, has to recognize her new #MeToo story isn’t very compelling. Which didn’t stop them from printing of course. Read:

She was at first hesitant to speak publicly, partly because her memories contained gaps because she had been drinking at the time of the alleged incident. In her initial conversations with The New Yorker, she was reluctant to characterize Kavanaugh’s role in the alleged incident with certainty. After six days of carefully assessing her memories and consulting with her attorney, Ramirez said that she felt confident enough of her recollections to say that she remembers Kavanaugh had exposed himself at a drunken dormitory party, thrust his penis in her face, and caused her to touch it without her consent as she pushed him away. Ramirez is now calling for the F.B.I. to investigate Kavanaugh’s role in the incident. “I would think an F.B.I. investigation would be warranted,” she said.

Hey, me too, with legal standards like this, I’ve got things from my past, times I’ve been groped and abused and stolen from, that the FBI should investigate. I should call The New Yorker. Or my local Democratic member of Congress. Oh, wait. I’m white. And male.

Rod Dreher sums it up at his blog:

So the FBI is supposed to investigate whether or not a drunk college boy pulled down his pants at a drunken college party and exposed himself to a college girl who was so drunk that she can’t clearly remember the event, and had to take six days to think about whether or not it actually happened? It was so devastatingly traumatic to her that she had to ponder for a week about whether or not it happened, and whether or not it was Brett Kavanaugh?

This is what they’re throwing at Brett Kavanaugh now?

Let's be very clear. Both Ford and this new "accuser", as well as Diane Feinstein and her unhinged party, are doing irreparable harm to all the women who are actual victims of sexual assault. That's the real harm now sinking its claws into America's psyche. And given how this has all played out, there's likely no going back. Thanks to our identity politics left, the bar for accusation has gotten so insanely low that literally millions of Americans have been pushed, whether they like it or not, toward an attitude of deep skepticism regarding claims of sexual abuse.

For myself even, who tries hard to keep my judgment from being clouded by political considerations, I have to admit that going forward part of me, hearing an accusation made against a man, will pose the question, "Is this woman of the left-liberal persuasion?" and if the answer is yes, I will be dismissive of the accusation unless she has very concrete evidence. It's wrong finally, that it's come to this, but this team has brought it upon themselves. Too many of them, even the most prominent, are on the verge of explicitly acknowledging that if an accusation serves their political goals it must be treated as true. All sense of due legal process is lost.

Consider this tweet last year from a female columnist at a national woman’s magazine.

Say what? But it's clear what "slips" like this reveal. Namely, this attitude is already deeply entrenched in many American women's thinking. And in the verbal repertoire of many beta men who are in it for the hugs it gets them. If this attitude weren't so entrenched, after all, the absurdly belated and memory-impaired Ford accusation against Judge Kavanaugh wouldn't have been given the attention it has. How can there be any justice in a society that allows a clown show like this to put on the garb of justice? There cannot. Shame on these left-liberal women. Because the people they're harming most are women who have really been victimized.

All I can say is: VOTE IN THE COMING NOVEMBER MIDTERMS! Get your friends to vote. These unprincipled lefties need to be kept as far away from the reins of government as possible.

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