Friday, March 29, 2019

After Russiagate: Why the “High Road” Needs to Lead to Orange Jumpsuits

Lying liar John Brennan photographed while lying

The Russiagate scam is finally dead. But it would be a grave mistake to see it as just another example of “partisan politics as usual”. Nothing like it has ever happened before.

The scam was truly massive in scope. It was run through various branches of government simultaneously and included dozens of government officials, from Obama’s CIA chief John Brennan to the FBI’s James Comey down to whiny little Adam Schiff. Many of these officials, repeatedly, lied brazenly to the public about “evidence” they had “seen”. We now know they lied because there never was any evidence.

The Democratic Party’s attempted coup against an elected Republican president involved myriad felonies as well as Deep State attempts to hide those felonies. It’s no exaggeration to say that the actions of this cabal make Watergate look like child’s play.

So how are we to proceed? Many who were not duped by this scam to begin with are now insisting that whatever we do, we must not let Russiagate just drift out of the public consciousness. I think they’re right.

Michael Knowles underlines some of the issues:

Some people in the conservative wing, say that we need to just move on. Just move on, no more investigations, we've had enough — be a better person, just take the high road. There is nothing moral about just moving on. There is nothing on the high road about just moving on. This is not water under the bridge, it would be very wrong to just move on because they haven't apologized. And they are just going to do it again. All these people who lied through their teeth. People who were entrusted with the federal government. People who had the public trust. People who had the public trust as members of the media lied. They didn't just get it wrong. They lied through their teeth and they are totally unapologetic about it and they will do it again.

. . .

This is why it's so important to go after these guys with everything we've got — to bring more investigations, to bring them before judges and to put them into orange jumpsuits. It's not just a bunch of idiots on CNN. It's not just Jim Acosta. It's not just Ron Burgundy on CNN. It's a conspiracy. I don't know how else to put it. Is it a conspiracy when it's true?

We know that the federal government, the Democrats and the media conspired together to push a lie. We know that for a fact. Who exactly committed what improprieties is the next question, and that's what we'll find out with investigations. We know that for a fact, with such institutional support, all of the print media, mainstream media, the Pulitzer Prizes, and all of the accolades of this popular culture, all the way down to our pillars of government, the DOJ and the FBI. All the way down to the longest continually extant political party, the Democrat Party. All the way down to the Barack Obama administration spying on his political opponents, trying to prevent the Republicans from winning the next election. All of these institutions, working together to subvert the rule of law and to lie and to push lies through their teeth. It would be so wrong to just let this go as water under the bridge.

Knowles is right. Starting with Hillary’s server and massive destruction of evidence, moving on to high officials lying through their teeth about “evidence of collusion“ they never in fact saw, lies then blared through a fake news media 24/7 in literally thousands of reports for more than two years—this has been a criminal operation to undermine the Constitution.

Ask yourself: Has our republic faced anything like this in its 240-year history? Figures across different branches of government combining to overthrow a head of state on the basis of flat out lies and repetition of those lies?

No. This is unprecedented.

Given, again, the sheer scope of the scam, a reckoning is necessary. We must go back to re-investigate the Hillary campaign and its role. We need to investigate the FISA warrants, the lies, the seamless collusion with a toothless press corps.

The high road requires those responsible face responsibility for what they’ve done. The Trump Administration and the DOJ should get on it pronto.

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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Liberal America: Why You Are A Joke

So it’s nothing. Of course it is. Everyone using their noggin knew it was nothing from the start. Because the claims weren’t even coherent.

America had no need for the Mueller investigation. It was a witch-hunt-cum-smokescreen launched by a pissy Deep State/MSM cabal that couldn’t accept losing an election.

Sorry to blow my horn, but I figured this out before the end of 2016. And I’ve felt nothing but nausea watching half of America pretend for TWO YEARS STRAIGHT to believe something that isn’t even feasible on first glance.

“Trump colluded with Russia to win the White House” was predicated on an impossibility. Namely, that Putin’s government, early to mid-2016, recognized Trump as a serious candidate and potential future president. Which is frankly impossible, given that the sharpest American political analysts, through that whole period, considered the Trump candidacy a non-starter. NO ONE thought he could win the primaries, until he did. NO ONE besides Ann Coulter thought he had even a slight chance. But somehow the Russians knew months earlier? And the Russians were already backing him and even “colluding” with him to beat Hillary, who wasn't yet the official Dem nominee?

It’s incoherent. The whole collusion story, never mind the complete lack of evidence, was never even merely logical.

And now even CNN is admitting the president has been proved right. CNN, the network that spent literally all of 2017 and half of 2018 on “Russia Russia Russia!”

CNN is a farce. Utter joke. And sorry, but all of you who believed for a minute in this transparent two-year gaslighting operation—you are a joke too.

I write this as someone who wasn’t even a Trump supporter for most of 2016. I’d voted Democrat in every election since I reached 18 decades ago. No more. Ever.

I voted Trump in 2016 and will be voting for him again in 2020. He’s done much better than I expected. Meanwhile my former party is offering nothing but shrill political correctness and hysteria. And now openly hates the United States Constitution.

Nonstop unregulated immigration, trans hormones for kids, Jussie Smollett hate crimes, Soviet-style speech codes on campus, the “Green New Deal”—that visionary document written by a teenager—and oh, let's not forget infanticide as a woman's most sacred right.

Left-liberal America: a sick joke on the verge of becoming an entrenched long-term nightmare. David Horowitz got you right: “Inside many liberals is a totalitarian screaming to get out.” Except the word many no longer applies. The word now is most.

#WalkAway #MuellerInvestigation #Gaslighting #Russiagate #JOKE

Eric Mader

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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Rod Dreher's Facebook "Followers"

For years Rod Dreher at The American Conservative has been following the insanity of our sexual left, tracing its juvenile fads and fetishes, documenting its woke Kool-Aid authoritarianism. His blog there also has one of the sharpest groups of regular commenters on the Internet.

But when TAC posts Dreher's pieces on its Facebook page, the commentary is monochrome. Repeatedly, there's a literal horde weighing in within hours to savage him, nearly always in the same exact terms. What's interesting is that these are not garden-variety trolls, I think, but actual readers of TAC who somehow love to loathe Dreher's cultural conservatism. Which reveals something: many of our young "political" conservatives, at least those on Facebook, don't have a moment's patience for religiously grounded critiques of the Sexual Revolution. (Yes, not only "conservatives" follow TAC, but I think it's safe to assume that many of those posting consider themselves one type or another of conservative.)

I'll just post some screenshots from today's salvo. And honestly, this is perhaps the most polite series of comments I've seen this bunch give Dreher in months. Usually the savaging reveals a deeper discomfort--what I read as the fear of many thirty-somethings (?) to be even tangentially linked to someone who might be accused of being a "bigot". Thus, in this group of readers, Dreher simply must be savaged.

I used to engage these threads now and then. I now see it as wasted time, though I did deliver a punch today.

The comments are on a piece in which Dreher formulates a new law of public attention--the Law of Motivated Noticing. These are motivated noticers of a certain type, I'd say--people who can't sit still if anyone dares suggest in their presence that our sexual anti-culture is a civilizational problem. These are noticers who are sadly downstream in the Andrew Breitbart sense.

Oh, and of course:

If mainstream culture and the education system is daily prodding kids to discover they're "trans", if gay men celebrate urinating on each other as a kind of public rite, that's because "people want to be accepted as they are". If you see in such things a glaring sign of anti-culture, you should just take a lesson from Kindergarten (what Kindergarten?) and say nothing. Uh-huh.