Tuesday, July 20, 2010

On Red State Spelling


From: . . . .
Subject: Fwd: Obama Admits/Not a Natural Born Citizen
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2010 19:05:04 -0400

Obama Admits He Is Not A Natural Born Citizen!!!

Please read this before it is pulled off the internet!!!

Obama admist he was born in Kenya and is a Muslim. If it were Bush, we would have udder chaos! Why are we NOT dragging him out of the Whitehouse???

Is this evidence enough?

Obama admits he is not a Natural Born Citizen & Also Admits He Is A Muslim

Maybe the "Birthers" are on to something.


Watch it before it’s pulled!

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Dear . . . :

Thanks for sending this. My connection here is slow, so I'll watch it when I get a chance on the computer at the office. Of course Obama was born in Hawaii.

What I like about this email forward is how it follows the usual red state spelling rules. Note that it says "If it were Bush, we would have udder chaos!" An udder is a part of a cow. I don't know if you've noticed, but there's a red state tendency to use farm terminology when something else is meant. One email talked about the Clintons in the White House and their "fowl language." Fowl language means bird language. The words wanted are "utter" (not udder) and "foul" (not fowl). This is part of the fun of reading all these Fwds!

I also remember reading one about all the "bazaar people" Obama has given positions to. I suppose we are meant to understand that the president has promoted Turkish carpet salesmen to high positions.

And in this Fwd there's the usual advice to watch the video soon--"before it's pulled!" As if our administration is regularly trolling through youtube.com and deleting things it doesn't like.

"By their fruits ye shall know them," Matthew quotes Jesus saying. Yes--and by their spelling ye shall know the weight of their arguments.


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TellerIP said...

That is a forged video.

Obama was born in Hawii, and he has show the official birth certificate of Hawaii. He said that he was born in Hawaii in his book, and he indicated in the same book that his mother did not have a passport in 1961, thus that she could not have gone to Kenya even if she had wanted to.

And, she would not have wanted to go there late in pregnancy even if she could have gone. In those days a roundtrip flight for two persons Hawaii-Kenya-Hawaii would have cost the equivalent of $20,000 in today's dollars.

To further demolish the Kenya myth.

Say that a child is born in Kenya. How does that child come to the USA without a US travel document such as a US visa on her or his foreign passport or the issue of the child’s US passport while he is in Kenya or a change to his mother’s passport to include him while they both were in Kenya? How, without such a document, would the child be allowed to enter the USA?

One of those would be needed to get the child into the USA. And, if there were such a document, it would be very easy to find the application for it, because the 1961 applications for US visas in Kenya and for changes to passports and for new passports were not all that many. The files are still available. And, they would surely have been checked while the Bush Administration was in charge of the State Department, but no such document was found. Why not? There wasn’t any.

So, not only is there a US official birth certificate from Hawaii that was confirmed repeatedly. Not only did Obama’s Kenyan grandmother say that he was born in Hawaii. (Yes, she said that he was born in HAWAII. The tape was cut off at five minutes, but just after that, she is asked “Where was he born?” , and she replies in Hawaii, where his father was studying.) Not only is there a witness who recalls being told of Obama’s birth (because she wrote home about it), but there are NO US travel documents showing that Obama traveled from Kenya to the USA in 1961.

AND, it was a very expensive trip, and women rarely traveled late in pregnancy in those days because of risk of stillbirth.