Monday, April 22, 2019

Top Dems Mourn for the "Easter worshippers"

“Easter worshippers.” Hats off to Mr. Khachatrian for his graceful call-out. And the truth is, we have had more than enough of this.

The linguistic brush-off from Obama and Clinton is carefully calculated and clear as day. Don't think so? Just watch how the whole team takes it up:

These people don't dare sympathize with actually named Christian victims. It is against their religion.

Of course the Obama years were rife with this kind of linguistic sleight of hand. Exhibit 1: Obama almost never referred to religious freedom, but used freedom of worship instead.

Why? "Freedom of worship" suggests that Americans of faith should keep their religion INSIDE their churches or other houses of worship rather than live it in the public sphere. Obama's language was an intentional betrayal of the stronger vision of our Founders.

And the reality can no longer be denied. The language of our Democratic Party big wigs, even the “Christians” among them, is intentionally corrosive of Christianity. Here again, after this horrendous massacre, they pretend to reverence the many victims in Sri Lanka even as they subtly erase them.

Given the grievous persecution of Christians globally, it is disgusting. #WalkAway


No problem there. Of course not.

Eric Mader

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Superhero Needed: Adultman

Question: How old are you now?

Getting off the subway in Taipei today, I was assaulted by yet another poster for YET ANOTHER lame Hollywood superhero flick. Ironman 27? The Avengers: Dawn of Drool? I have no idea what it is. I just want it to go away.

Here in Taiwan we’re 11,000 km from California, but of course we’re not protected from this nonstop infantilism. Year after year they plaster our eyes with the same tired vomit.

Walking past this new poster, I suddenly realized what kind of superhero I could root for.

My superhero would have the ability to splinter, with a glance, any Hollywood production site in the process of making a superhero movie. He could make Robert Downey Jr.’s nose fall off with a swipe of the finger at thirty yards distance—yes, as if he were swiping a cell phone screen. When my superhero passed on the sidewalk, Spider-Man and X-men and Shazam (what in the fuck already!) posters would bleach pure white, then fall from the walls. Wonder-Woman would gain sixty pounds.

My superhero would also have the ability to enter packed movie theaters of people watching superhero films and simultaneously slap every face of every single person over age 14. WHAMMO! The drinks would go on their heads. Back in the parking lot to go home, hair all sticky, faces red, they’d find their cars replaced by four-inch-tall toy cars made of cotton candy.

These are the superpowers we need. That would be a superhero I could root for. I’d even watch the movie.

But what would his name be? GrowTheFuckUpman? Too long. How about simply Adultman? Yes.

Because really, what in the hell is all this? Shit that stopped interesting me when I was nine years old is constantly regurgitated and is the staple of “adult” entertainment in the developed world. It’s pathetic. What in the hell is going on?

Tell me. What in the hell is going on?


Answer: Age 4-7. DORK!

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