Sunday, June 3, 2012

Snow Frog! 蛤士蟆 !

There once was a snow frog named Mike
Who dreamt of riding a bike
But his legs were too short
For such long-legged sport
So we finally got him a trike

There was a young snow frog named Rick
Who found a frozen ice pick
But a badger named Fred
In a dare to him said
"Why don't you to give it a lick?"

That cranky old snow frog Steve
Got frozen one day to my sleeve
When I took out a match
To thaw his bald patch
He haltingly started to grieve

There once was snow frog named Tom
Who went to Beijing with a bomb
But his separatist act
Was lacking in tact
There once was a snow frog named Tom

I once saw the snow frog Princess
She wore a long snow-colored dress
Her eyes shone so bright
In the winter moonlight
That it put my old heart in distress

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