Friday, February 22, 2013

Targeted Slippage

In his testimony Mr. Brennan sought to put to rest various rumors, assuring the committee that a citizen would be considered immune from lethal drone strike while seated on a toilet, provided the toilet was on US soil and connected to a plumbing system "in the main" on US territory.

Asked if this applied to both private and publicly owned toilets, Brennan clarified: "For the time being we can only guarantee immunity in the case of privately owned toilets. In other words, a toilet on the private property of the American citizen in question."

Asked if a citizen could be subject to a targeted killing while buying an ice cream cone for his child, Brennan reiterated the administration's position.

"It depends on the flavor," he said. "Also, is the citizen in question in the vicinity of any women wearing Muslim garb: a veil, for instance. These are factors we will take into account."

Asked if a citizen could be subject to a killing in his or her dreams, Brennan said: "We don't envision such actions at present. We're working on the technology, but we're not there yet."

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