Thursday, March 27, 2014

Impressed by Taiwan's Sunflower Student Movement

我在台灣快20年教的學生很多。 我可保證他們其中有一大堆很驄明很成熟的人。 我教過太陽花活動其中一些學生很,引以為榮。 你們台灣年輕人太利害!

Yesterday BBC profiled the Taiwan Sunflower Student Movement, stressing the vision and organizational skills of the students involved. Myself, having taught some of these students, I can only agree: there are many brilliant and serious young folks here. I wish American 20-somethings would study what is happening here and learn from Taiwan's Sunflower Generation.

BBC: What unprecedented protest means for Taiwan

中文: BBC讚太陽花學生有秩序,決定台灣未來


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