Wednesday, June 11, 2014

This young Irish fellow is going to be the end of us

Paul Wylie

Or, as I see it, he may become part of the new beginning I have in mind.

I know three or four of you who read this don't agree with me here, and think besides that my prevarications serve no purpose. But as I've explained to you before, in weightier correspondence, my purpose is clear enough for me: it's simply a long way down the road.

So the prevarication will have to go on.

Young Wylie and his mysterious female accomplice have cracked the ciphers of the posted Internal Correspondence . The deciphered texts, most of them, have now been published in book form. Today I'm posting this to give them my congratulations.

What worries me slightly, at this point, is that Wylie may figure out what is serious in my initial announcement, and that if he does, he will insist on divulging what he finds. I say it worries me slightly; I know it worries some of you quite a bit. In fact I don't think there's much danger on either score: 1) that he will figure it out; 2) that he would divulge anything without warrant. Either way, you four will have to put up with the slight jeopardy you see.

He's very young, yes, but we need youth, no? We're old; getting too old for our own good.

He's very young, yes, but I think he's playing for the long game. He didn't publish Letter 17 after all.

So congratulations, Wylie. I'm hoping your name turns out to indicate what I think it does.

For you others, who dissent, I know I'll be hearing from you soon. As always, I'll listen carefully to any concerns you have. I'm confident you'll see eventually that my reasoning on these issues is sound.

From game to gunm,
From dog to doggerel,
Yours truly,

Eric Mader


Anonymous said...

You still have our allegiance, old chap. It's just that on some of the projects...well, allegiance wears thin.

Anonymous said...

Wir kennen schön deine Charackter. Du magst ihn nur für seine feine Haut.

Paul said...

Your congratulations are appreciated, Eric.

Anonymous said...

What's going on here?...

Eric Mader said...

You're very welcome, Paul.

As for that bit about meine Charakter, I'm guessing Thomas.

Anonymous said...

Nein. Max.