Monday, February 23, 2015


I’m in a dilapidated vacation home in the mountains. Broken, disused furniture is scattered about, and to judge by the view through the huge picture windows it’s somewhere in Colorado or Montana. My father is there and a few other people, but I’m not quite sure who.

That morning there’s been serious seismic activity, and I explain to my father that I can tell from the tremors that Godzilla is coming. My father generally seems to believe me, but has some lingering doubts.

Outside in the distance we can see a few other vacation homes, but for some reason we know they are all empty, abandoned even.

It’s a sunny day with fluffy white clouds here and there against the blue sky, but the colors through the window are a bit bright and technicolor, almost as in a move from the seventies.

Then suddenly I see Godzilla off on the side of the one of the mountains. But I can’t see him completely: only parts of his body protrude now and then from the cloud cover, only to disappear again.

Somehow I know that this partial appearance, Godzilla’s game of hide and seek, is for the movie, to create audience suspense. So we’re watching the making of a movie, behind the scenes as it were, but it’s clear we’re not supposed to be there.

We get down low behind the furniture because we don’t want Godzilla to glimpse us through the window.

The earth is shaking more and more: Godzilla is getting closer.

The suddenly I see three huge monkeys outside, dozens of stories tall, coming from the other direction. They’re walking slowly in single file like Buddhist monks. They are attired in traditional Chinese aristocratic garb, making them look like gargantuan versions of the Monkey King from Journey to the West. They proceed slowly, only about a kilometer away.

We are crouched down very low behind the furniture. Now that the monkeys have appeared, to be seen would be even worse, because although Godzilla’s appearance is just part of the movie, for some reason nobody is supposed to see the three monkeys. It is some kind of forbidden secret.

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