Saturday, June 20, 2015

Who's the Idiot?

It is a rare privilege to recognize just how one is idiotic, how idiotic one is, the howness of this state and how it’s interwoven with anything one might call one’s intelligence.
--Eric Mader

Idiocy, Ltd. is now available. You do need a copy.

Some readers:

Eric Mader is a steady hand on the helm and a level eye on the sea of balance. He knows the serious and the unserious waves that we all need.
--Afaa M. Weaver, author of The Plum Flower Dance
and City of Eternal Spring

Unpredictability is Mader’s stock in trade . . . an endlessly fascinating eccentric. --Bradley Winterton

The best of these poems surprise us not with a flashy detail, but an image or an abstraction we somehow knew was right around the corner. In the most imaginative moments, where the poems are surprised by translation across language and culture, we are playfully and seriously moved to open our eyes wider and our ears to hear the delight of words.
--John Poch, author of Fix Quiet and winner
of the 2014 New Criterion Poetry Prize


BOOKISH ASIA has posted a review by Prof. Hugh Hochman of Reed College. A scholar of 20th-century literature, Hochman raises some of the questions that most interest me, especially that of genre. Also of interest may be Letter to a Young Prose Poet, on the roles Max Jacob and Daniil Kharms played in getting me into this fix.

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Check out Idiocy, Ltd.. Dryest damn prose in the West.

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