Saturday, December 24, 2016

Hey, Clintonites: A Christmas Message

Hey, Clintonites. Why not finally recognize where you're at? Shoulder deep in mud and cognitive dissonance. And still digging. Really, isn't it time to put those shovels down?

First we had all the talk from the liberal press of election rigging, then Stein's recount push. Result: Trump only gained a larger lead in Wisconsin. And as for evidence of possibly systematic rigging, there was some in Detroit: Clinton territory. It didn't make for good optics, as they say.

Then you got yourselves into this faithless electors campaign. Result: Trump lost two electors, Clinton lost five.

What's next? Try to airlift Hillary onto the stage at the inauguration?

Here are the two hard pills you folks need to swallow: 1) Hillary lost this election, as did her party generally. 2) Had you insisted early on that Bernie Sanders be the candidate, rather than Miss Wall Street Baggage, Trump would now be launching a new reality show rather than preparing to move into the White House.

So it’s time to climb out of the neoliberal pit you're all in. Put those shovels down while we can still see the tops of your heads.

And Merry Christmas! It's the holiday where we celebrate the birth of Jesus, by a long shot the most hardcore social justice warrior of the ancient world (INCLUDING on women's fundamental equality) aside from being, of course, the Messiah.


Eric Mader

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