Thursday, August 24, 2017

Hillary Clinton's What Happened--Table of Contents Leaked

On Monday we received two screen shots of what we believe to be the Table of Contents page of Hillary Clinton's upcoming book What Happened. Our source, a connection in publishing circles, has requested to remain anonymous. Following are the chapter headings. Original screen shots below.

Eric Mader
Clay Testament
Editor in Chief

What Happened:



Ch. 1: A Life in Public Service

Ch. 2: My Turn

Ch. 3: Campaign Kickoff: A Running Start

Ch. 4: A Woman in the Lion’s Den

Ch. 5: A Better America

Ch. 6: Hollywood Nights: George, Amal, Meryl and I

Ch. 7: Bill’s Baggage

Ch. 8: I Never Liked that Man, Jeffrey Epstein

Ch. 9: Things Start to Go Wrong

Ch. 10: John Podesta: Friend, Art Connoisseur, Pizza Lover

Ch. 11: The Blankfeins are Such Wonderful People

Ch. 12: Bernie Sanders: Marxist

Ch. 13: A Strong Wall Street is a Strong America

Ch. 14: Comey Drops the Investigation

Ch. 15: We Kill Seth Rich

Ch. 16: Bleaching Emails to Protect National Security

Ch. 17: I Need to Remember to Stay Hydrated

Ch. 18: The Russian Hack Idea

Ch. 19: Donald Trump and Rape Culture

Ch. 20: How I Almost Killed Huma

Ch. 21: The Final Stretch

Ch. 22: Our Misogynist Racist Working Class

Ch. 23: Whose Fault Was It?
The FBI, Vladimir Putin, the Obamas, the New York Times, James Comey, Huma, Suburban Women, Bernie Sanders, Julian Assange, John Podesta, Corporate Media, Misogyny, My Campaign Staff, Aspartame, Macedonia, Our Misogynist Racist Working Class, Alexandre Dumas, Facebook, Pollsters, Harambe, Meryl, El niño, Anthony Weiner, Ohio’s Department of Motor Vehicles, Twitter, Chipotle

Ch. 24: We Kill Klaus Eberwein

Ch. 25: Looking Ahead: 2020?


Original Screen Shots
(Click to enlarge):

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