Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Christians: Boycott Google Today

Google CEO and Thought-Controller-in-Chief Sundar Pichai

Just how politically correct has Google's corporate culture become? Check out this short piece by Todd Starnes, in which Starnes reveals that the company's Google Home device, their version of Siri, refuses to recognize the names "Jesus" or "Jesus Christ". Be sure to watch the embedded short video.

When called on this, uh, innocent lapse, they explain themselves this way: "The reason the Google Assistant didn’t respond with information about ‘Who is Jesus’ or ‘Who is Jesus Christ’ wasn’t out of disrespect but instead to ensure respect."

Uh-huh. Who believes this line? After the James Damore firing and what that revealed about company culture? We now have plenty of documentation of how the most seething PC extremism dominates everything that happens on the Google corporate campus and in their HR workshops.

Google is poison. Christians should drop Google Search, Google Chrome, Google Maps and Gmail ASAP. For search, I recommend moving to Bing or DuckDuckGo.

There are tens of millions of us Christians in the US. Why should we do business with a company that hates us? If enough of us left, it would hit these bigots where it counts: in their share prices.

Check out my Idiocy, Ltd. and begin the long, hard reckoning.

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