Sunday, March 11, 2018

CNN Chooses Wealthy, Mentally Ill Man to Talk on Women's Struggles

Doing its utmost in 2018 to make fake news even faker, CNN last week invited male ex-athlete Caitlyn Jenner to wax huskily on the struggles of "women". The interview was aired for International Women's Day.

Widely hailed on the coasts in 2015 for being a "brave woman", Jenner is in fact a psychosexually disordered man whose bravery consisted in his decision, after years out of the limelight, to again become Center of Attention by marketing his mental disorder. If only Americans who suffer from clinical depression or alcoholism could make lucrative new careers from their illnesses.

Or, for Women's Day, if only CNN had chosen to interview some of the many actual American women who face real struggles--such as those who bravely choose, in difficult economic situations, to raise their children rather than kill them in the womb.

Instead CNN chooses an ultra-wealthy, gender-challenged California man. To talk about the struggles women face.

But of course CNN is not the only major American media company that has championed this troubled attention hound. In 2015 Glamour magazine, published by Conde Nast, infamously awarded Jenner their Woman of the Year award, leading some misogynist wits to remark, with unfortunate logic, that Glamour had thus finally proved that "men really are better than women at everything. Even at being women."

Well, what can one say? I suppose: Keep up the good work, CNN, Glamour, and all you other women-hating liberal media geniuses. America is watching, as you sink further into irrelevance with each passing year.

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