Monday, April 22, 2019

Top Dems Mourn the "Easter worshippers"

“Easter worshippers.” Hats off to Mr. Khachatrian for his graceful call-out. And the truth is, we've had more than enough of such sleights. A constant drumbeat of them.

The linguistic brush-off from Obama and Clinton is carefully calculated and clear as day. Don't think so? Just watch how the whole team takes it up:

These people don't dare sympathize openly with Christian victims. It's against their religion.

Of course the Obama years were rife with this kind of linguistic misdirection. Exhibit 1: Obama almost never referred to religious freedom, but used freedom of worship instead.

Why? "Freedom of worship" suggests that Americans of faith should keep their religion INSIDE their churches or other houses of worship rather than live it in the public sphere. "Freedom of worship" is a not-too-subtle betrayal of our Founders' stronger vision.

The language of our Democratic Party big wigs, even the “Christians” among them, is intentionally corrosive of Christianity. Again, after this horrendous massacre, they pretend to reverence the many victims in Sri Lanka even as they subtly erase them.

Given the persecution of Christians globally (now the world's most persecuted religion by far) Democrats' refusal to even speak the word "Christian" is despicable. #WalkAway


No problem there. Of course not.

Eric Mader

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