Thursday, May 28, 2020


Review of Richard Dawkins: Outgrowing God
Random House, 284 pp.

Dawkins very smart. Have new book. For teens. Teens read then they smart too. 

Dawkins book have neat Idea: “Let Teens Decide For Themselves”. Teens decide. Then join Dawkins defeat dumb Christians. 

Because Christians DUMB.

So I read the Dawkins new book. It come out last Fall. But I finally read now. 

I see book give classic arguments EVER. They same arguments in GOD DELUSION book. Oh classic!

Here my keen summarize of CLASSIC ARGUMENTS:

     If God real, why many other gods?
     If God real, why bad thing happen?
     If God real, why atheist good?
     If God real, why universe so big?
     If God real, why Jesus not teach science?
     If God real, why monkey?
     If God real, why He no have own God?
     If God real, why bad thing feel good?
     If God real, why I do bad thing go to Hell?

You see now. The Dawkins very smart. And he NOT EVEN READ philosophers he refute. It AMAZING. 

So YOU. Get copy Dawkins Book and be REALLY SMART and SCIENTIFIC. DO this NOW, then you be BRIGHT.

Eric Mader

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With special thanks to Another Aquinas Avi.

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