Saturday, June 13, 2020


Just call us CHAZ
We got the razzle-dazz
And the Raz
Our soy burgers are tops
And there ain’t no cops

With minimum battle
We done took Seattle
Just to shake your rattle
The Mayor she on board
With our kinda horde

Borders they racist
But we got fresh faces
Guarding the perimeter
With the 9 millimeter

You can do your business free
But you gotta pay the fee
Cuz we for Anarchy
For a ten percent cut
We protect your Pizza Hut

We a one-party State
Where the People dictate
And our CHAZ will never die
Till they cut the food supply

Have some deadpan with your coffee. Check out Idiocy, Ltd. Dryest humor in the west.

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