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MUTT Ch. 7--How it happened

There were dogs in her apartment too. Two of them were lap dogs, and the third was very big and friendly.

Motioning me to sit down, she went into another room herself. I played with the dogs while I waited. When she returned, she was wearing a blue silk robe. Then she was with me on the couch and our mouths were pressed together, our tongues playing against each other. It was all very casual, like in a French movie. Even more casual than that. I was kind of thirsty, but she didn't offer me anything to drink. I remember I felt it was kind of bad manners.

Soon I'm on top of her on the floor--me, who'd only been in the city two hours. There's a large, fine bamboo mat under us. She is very hot. But her dogs are right next to us, wagging their tails and smiling in that doggy way. They seem to know this game. I don't bother complaining about it.

But as we are making love, and as she is getting more and more aroused, the dogs are getting more excited too. The little ones are running around her head and feet, and one has even tried licking her face. How can I concentrate on this with these dogs around? But now she’s groaning and writhing against me, and there's no question of stopping to go to another room.

She has her hands down around my ass. She's pulling me into her according to a slow and precise rhythm, masturbating herself with my body. As she gets hotter and hotter, her voice breaks into a kind of breathless whimpering, then retreats again into the more relaxed groaning. And then whimpering again.

I’d be enjoying this myself, but the big dog has meanwhile started barking. He's barking rather loudly too, right next to us. It is making me uneasy. I'm wearing nothing, moving in and out of this big dog's mistress, and he's right there, standing behind me and over me, barking in a manner more and more worrisome as his mistress gets more and more excited. This is really too much! Does he think I'm hurting her? What if he decides to take my balls off with those teeth I've glimpsed now a few times over my shoulder? He sounds almost angry, that dog, and it has started to make me uneasy.

I'm moving faster now, but I'm not enjoying it one bit. The big dog is barking at the ceiling, and has even growled a few times. This woman beneath me has been close to coming for quite a while. Why can't I get her over the edge? I never should have come to this place.

She has wound the fingers of her right hand into the long golden hair that drapes down from the belly of one of the two lap dogs. I think this dog is called a Llasa. She’s finally about to come, the big dog is still barking at us, and now she has her fingers wound into the little dog's belly hair. The little dog is right there next to my face, and it keeps trying to walk away. But her eyes are closed and she's holding onto its fur for dear life. I can't help thinking of wily Odysseus and how he wound his hands into the belly hair of that big sheep so he could escape the cave of the Cyclops.

Damn this! The little dog is licking her face, then mine, then trying to get away again. She's on the very edge of ecstasy and I'm still holding up even though I'm afraid her big dog will lose it and attack me just as she starts to come. I'm hoping she doesn't cry out too much.

As she comes, she twists her fingers furiously in the Llasa's belly hair and he is yelping and screaming along with her. The big dog is barking at us vengefully, just as a dog barks before it's going to attack an intruder. Damn this!

But the big dog never attacks. Then she releases the Llasa, which retreats immediately over to the sofa.

As she begins to wind down, before she's even gotten her breathing back, I realize what a boil my blood is in, just how annoying all this is. My cock starts to come back to full power. She may have a cute nose, this bitch, but this was too much! I'm taking her into the other room and fucking her properly. This is no way to treat a guest.

I get her up from the floor and begin to pull her by the arm to the bedroom. She goes along, smiling and almost playful. I close the door behind us before the dogs get in. I pull her down onto the bed. She’s smiling seductively now. But then she holds up an index finger as if to say "Just a second!" and hops up from the bed toward what looks like a large dark wooden dresser. The light in the room is dim and bluish. What does she want on the dresser? Then I see it's not a dresser actually, but a kind of shrine or altar. I can make out a golden disk and above it two wolves' heads carved in relief and facing each other. She starts praying in front of it! What nonsense is this now! I get up to drag her back to the bed but she meets me halfway and leads me by the cock to the altar. I really shouldn't put up with this. But just as I’m thinking about pulling away she takes a little black canister from the altar, opens it with a twinkle in her eye, and starts to rub a kind of ointment on my cock, then begins kissing me passionately on the neck and on my chest. The ointment stings a bit. She is working her way slowly down me with her tongue. The ointment is potent stuff. It makes me so hot I almost can't stand still. Her lips are finally down around it, sucking softly. There is a kind of spinning and whispering and then suddenly an awful noise of howling. Then I'm in a bolt of lightning that doesn't stop striking. I begin to scream as I feel myself getting smaller, my shoulderblades drawing tightly up around the back of my head as if my sinews were the strings on a mandolin being tightened to breaking point. Then my arms begin shortening and my legs are shortening and hunching out behind me. I feel my jaw and face tightening and pushing out forward, and I’m still shrinking! Suddenly I'm below her on my hands and feet, looking up, and she’s laughing at me. What the hell is this? I feel my nose has pushed out before me, and my hands.... I look at my hands.... They’re paws! They look like dog's paws! I’ve become a dog's body! What. . . I am a dog!

I start running round the room, I'm yelling, or barking, I have to get out of here, I have to escape! She’s done something to me! I run and jump up against the doorknob, run to the bed, I growl at her. I am a dog. I plead with her, barking. But she is huge, above me, she is laughing the whole time. The crazy bitch! I’m a dog! Everywhere I run the dog's body goes with me. I don't have a body to shake it off. Where is my real body? I’m a dog! What kind of drug has she given me? I have to escape!

"Stop running!" she cried in English, still laughing. "Stop running! Listen!"

So she could speak English. So the bitch even cheated me on that. Not a word from the bank until now, and she starts speaking to me in English!

She pointed to where I should sit. I tried to sit still. I wanted to bite her. Why I didn't bite her I'm not sure. Perhaps I couldn't believe it was all for real. Perhaps, being a dog, I felt naturally obedient. I was so confused. Me--who'd only been in the city two hours!

"If you are a good boy," she said with a Chinese accent, "I will make you a man again. But if you are bad--if you bite or pee-pee on my floor--I will drive you in my car and put you in a village far away from here. Then I'll never make you into a man. You'll never find me again. Will you be good then?"

I was shaking all over. I wanted to escape. What was going on? How could this be happening?

She motioned me to come to her, and I did. She started petting me. I was growling at her--I couldn't help it. I really wanted to be good, but I also felt like biting her. So I couldn't stop growling while she petted me. She had experience with this, it seems. She tried to calm me down.

"To be a dog isn't very bad," she said. "Quiet, you. You will soon be a man again."

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