Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vlad: II.

Vlad was drinking Cognac in a dark bar in Taipei. He was restless. He watched a school of little red fish flick back and forth in the aquarium above the bar. He had only been in Taipei for three hours or so. Suddenly he felt a hand come down on his shoulder.

"Is that you, Vlad?"

Slowly he turned around and saw standing behind him a vampire friend of his, Yukio. He first met Yukio when they were both university students in Europe. Vlad didn't know Yukio was in Taiwan.

"What a surprise!" said Yukio. "What are you doing in Taipei?"

"I decided to move to Taiwan," said Vlad.

"It's a small world!" said Yukio. "Isn't it? I am happy to see you here. But what about your castle?"

"I sold it," replied Vlad. "I decided to move to Taiwan in September, and I sold my castle. I’m tired of living in Europe. The blood there is too old."

"I hope you will be happier here, Vlad. But your castle: when did you start trying to sell your castle?"

"I will tell you the truth," said Vlad. "I started trying to sell my castle in the 16th century, and I finally sold it last Wednesday. I’m lucky I found someone to buy it before I moved here."

"Who bought your castle finally?" asked Yukio.

"A strange man of science bought it," said Vlad.

"I see. Hmm. You are lucky you sold it. But how did you get here? Did you fly with an airline?"

"I flew here myself," said Vlad.

"When I first wanted to fly to Europe, I also flew myself. But I'm too old for that now. It's too far."

"How old are you?" asked Vlad.

"I'm 639," said Yukio. "And you?"

"I'm 422," replied Vlad.

"How long did it take you to fly here?" asked Yukio.

"It only took me one minute," said Vlad.

"That's pretty fast. But what about your things? Didn't you bring your things with you?"

"I packed my things in November and sent them by ship. They're already here," replied Vlad.

"What did you pack?" asked Yukio.

"I packed some blood in bottles. I packed my clothes in a suitcase. I packed my coffin in a very large box. And I put my bats in a cage."

"You sent your bats here too?"

"I took my bats to the post office, but they wouldn't let me send them. So I put them in my brother's house. I gave them my picture and I have pictures of all of them in my hotel room."

"Is that all you brought to Taiwan?" asked Yukio.

"No," said Vlad. "I also brought my false teeth. But I carried my false teeth with me on the flight."

"Where are you staying?" asked Yukio.

"I'm staying at the Taipei Hilton. Listen, Yukio. Do you like to watch NBA basketball games?"

"Yes, I love them," said Yukio.

"Do you like Jordan?" asked Vlad.

"Jordan is great!"

"Can I watch NBA basketball at your house with you? They don't have it on the TV at the Hilton."

"Sure," said Yukio. "I'll invite you. I'm going to a CBA basketball game tonight."

"Is CBA basketball good?" asked Vlad.

"No, it's not very good," replied Yukio. "But I have two tickets, and you can go with me."

"Sure!" said Vlad. "Let's go."

Vlad paid for his Cognac, and the two vampires left the bar together.

[Chapter II by Alice, Kurt, Annie, Grace.]

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