Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vlad: V.

He was earlier than we were. When we came in the room, he was already seated. His appearance was very strange. He was a Westerner. His features were strange too. He had white skin and he had strong hands. He looked about fifteen years old. Finally he asked: "Teacher, may I go to the restroom?" And the teacher said: "Yes." He went out for a long, long time, and we all thought that he went home. Karen and I were saying that Vlad might have gone home. Alice told us that Vlad might be a criminal. He looked like a criminal, she thought. When he finally came back, we asked him about it. But he didn't answer. I remember that David and Lon were puzzled too: "Why did Vlad go to the restroom for so long?" Nobody knew the truth.


* * *

He was earlier than us. When we came in the room, he was already sitting. His appearance was very strange. He was a Westerner. His features were pronounced and bony. I thought he was about fourteen years old. He was very striking and tall. His skin was very light. His hair was yellow and his eyes were blue. Oh! I thought he was very handsome. He wore a big black cape, a white shirt, and black pants. He wore a beautiful red bowtie too. Certainly he had delicate hands. He had beautiful, delicate hands!

He did his quiz in only ten minutes, and he got 100 on both his quiz and his homework. The teacher asked him a lot of questions, and he used English to answer all of them.

"Hello, everybody," he said. "My name is Vlad. I'm fifteen years old, and I'm from Europe. But I don't like Europe any more, so I moved to Taiwan. And I like all the people here in Taiwan. They look very good. I mean--"

"Oh, you're so handsome!" interrupted Alice. "I might be infatuated with you!"

"Why are you taller than me?" asked Kurt. "Huh? Do you play basketball every day, or do you just eat a lot?"

"Don't joke, Kurt," said the teacher, Eric. "You aren't the tallest kid in the world, you know."

We were all looking at Vlad. Finally Eric said: "Okay, now I have to teach you the new lesson. Hand in your quizzes."

After the lesson, we all went home.

--Grace Wu

* * *

He was already in the classroom when we arrived. His appearance was very strange. He was a Westerner. His features were very pronounced. Actually, his appearance was striking.

He looked about fifteen years old. He had the lightest skin in the world! His skin was as white as paper! His hair was black with a little brown in it. His eyes were very green. He had a very strange temperament that gave me the creeps. He was queer. I didn't like him.

I was quick to sit in my seat, trying to ignore him, but my classmate Susan--she sat near him.

"Hello," said Susan. "What's your name?"

"My name is Vlad," he said.

"That's a cool name. And you know--you are very handsome! Where are you from?"

"I'm from Europe," said Vlad.

"Oh! Europe is beautiful! I like Europe," said Susan. "Can you tell me things about Europe, Vlad?"

"You are wrong. You don't know what you're talking about. I hate Europe!" said Vlad with a sneer of disgust. "Europe is dirty and ugly!"

He looked so terrible at that moment! Susan started to cry. I have known Susan since I was little. She is very frail and weak. And Vlad shouted at her. She would cry for a long time. I hated Vlad for that. How could he do such a thing?


* * *

I was glad a new student came to class. His name was Vlad. His behavior was very mysterious. Let me describe his appearance. He was a boy with delicate features. He looked about fourteen years old. His hair was brown. His skin was light and his eyes were very dark. He always wore black clothes. He always said blood is very good for a person's health. He said he liked to suck people's blood, and then he laughed. We thought he was joking. I gave him a garlic and he threw it in the wastebasket. Why? And he looked like he had some blood on his teeth. I asked him, "Why do you have blood on your teeth?" He said, "I drank a lot of tomato juice today. Tomato juice is good for your health." He didn't look very healthy. Judy thought he even looked like a vampire. Maybe, I thought, maybe he is a vampire. But I didn't think there was any such thing as vampires, and I didn't want to be mean to him because he was a foreigner in a new country. But it's true that nobody wanted to play with him at first. His behavior led us to think that maybe he was not a student. But he said, "I am a student. I am!"


* * *

He was a new student, and we were surprised that he was a Westerner. He looked about twenty years old, and he was a man with delicate features and light skin. His hair was half-length and very black. His eyes were brown. He wore a long, black cloak, which was strange, because Taiwan is very warm. His hands were delicate and very white.

Vlad didn't talk to us much at first. He was very quiet. But when he did talk, he usually told us about human internal organs. He was very boring. He talked about NBA basketball too. His family was still in Europe, he said. We were very surprised he came to Taiwan to study English when he could have gone to London or America. It was very suspicious.

I thought he was very mysterious, and I suspected right away that maybe he was dangerous.


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